Auction Parties

Up for some holiday fun or want to celebrate the season with your friends but also want to give back? Do we have an idea for you!!! Host an auction party.

How it works…Your party can be during any time of the year. You have a get together and it can be as simple as wine and chocolates or as innovative as your inner Martha Stuart can go. Your guests will bring an item to be auctioned off worth at least $25.  The items will be auctioned off at your party. So pick a place, date & guest list and then provide the refreshments. We do the rest. Our committee member will help you plan your event and will be present at the party to help you run it. We also provide the invitations. A great time will be had by all! For more information or to request your auction party today, please contact Verna Scott or Susan Markham.

Click Here to Download the Guide to Hosting an Auction Party